Skin / Youth

Laser for Pigmentation
& Sun Spots

The treatment is fast and simple.

Brown spots and hyper-pigmentation on skin have many names such as age spots, liver spots, sunspots, skin discolorations, hyperpigmentation, melasma or freckles. While these spots are harmless, many people think they are unsightly. These spots usually start to appear after age 30 and grow larger as a person ages. Brown spots most frequently appear on the face, the chest, the scalp and the hands. The main cause of the brown spots is too much exposure to the sun. Hormones also play a part in the appearance of brown spots because they signal the body to produce extra melanin. Prevention is accomplished with sunscreen, sunblock, and prevention of over-exposure of sunlight or harmful UV rays like the use of tanning beds.

The laser treatment we offer to get rid of sun spots and hyper-pigmentation can remove up to 80-100% of melanin in one treatment. The treatment is fast and painless. You must avoid sun exposure after treatment until the skin completely heals.

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