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Eliminacion de Pelo con Laser

Permanently Remove, Reduce or Redesign Body Hair

Never done Laser Hair Removal before? Most areas are done in 5 to 15 minutes! It is definitely a must-have treatment that will change your life forever and will also make it a lot easier. 

Who We Are

We are one of Miami’s most experienced laser hair removal clinics. We provide a safe, affordable, fast and efficient service. We cater to all skin types. We are FDA cleared and use only the state of the art CANDELA GentleMax Pro laser machine, indisputably, the best and safest laser device. We can remove, reduce or re-design body and facial hair as well as eliminating ingrown hairs.

Our consultations are free, honest and thorough. There is no obligation to continue. You will experience no wait time with your appointments. Each treatment will be performed meticulously with no rush or time restriction. When you are in our clinic our only concern is your satisfaction and we will make sure you are happy with the time allotted to you and the most important, the results.

Qualified & Safe

  • True medical laser vs. inferior pulsed light
  • Technology and experience in working with ALL skin colors and types
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Options for permanent hair reduction and/or hair re-design
  • Capable of treating clients during all seasons
  • Customized laser hair removal options for men and women
  • Customized laser hair removal bundles full body
  • Customized laser hair removal treatments for face, hairline, neckline and ingrown hair
  • All communications are directly with our staff and guaranteed spam free.
  • If you are seeking safe, honest, quality laser hair removal in Miami, Florida, look no further!
  • 10+ years of experience treating both men and women


Electrolysis Hair Removal

la electrolisis es el único método aprobado por la FDA para la depilación permanente del vello. Una corriente eléctrica se aplica con una sonda muy fina en el folículo piloso para destruir la raíz. La electrólisis ha dado los mejores resultados en general, frente a cualquier otro método, eliminando el vello en forma permanente. Debido a que no se dirige a la pigmentación del vello (color) como lo hace la depilación láser; este ataca el propio folículo proporcionando una solución única y eficaz para las personas con diferente tipo de piel, y / u hormonal, blanco, gris, rojo, rubio con el pelo rubio oscuro.

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