Best Vaginal Lightening or Bleaching Treatments in Brickell

It is an intimate and sensitive cosmetic procedure that offers a solution to the dark color of the vaginal, genital, anal, underarm, knees/elbows and other intimate areas. The dark color- if it does not exist by birth- may be due to frequent fabric rubbing, hard childbirths, hormonal changes or simply to our age. The Vaginal Lightening or Bleaching treatment may sound extreme but in reality it is a very simple, comfortable, super safe – 35 min – treatment that represents no danger or harm to the area or the client at all.  A maximum of 4 treatments are recommended, one every 2-3 weeks, for complete effectiveness, however, in several cases only 3 treatments were necessary.
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Cancellation Policy: Should you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we need a minimum of 4 hours notice or there will be a 50% charge of your total service (s). If you cancel with less than two hours notice, the full charge will be applied. All medical services (Laser or Skin Rejuvenation) or packages (Weight Loss, Body or Spa Special) not cancelled within 24 hours will be charged 100%.