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Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

People who choose to enhance their body with elective cosmetic surgery do so to improve their own beauty and quality of life. It is said that the final result for cosmetic surgery depends 50% on the surgeon and 50% on the Post-Operative Therapy.

Even with considerable preparation and planning for an elective surgery, what people experience after their surgery is often unexpected. Pain, swelling, bruising, postural guarding of the surgical site and fatigue often take surgical clients by surprise. This is the prime time for post-surgical therapy.

Our clients have said that just getting dressed and coming to our office is helpful. The movement encourages lymph flow and postural patterning, and a relaxing environment is a mood enhancer. In the acute phase (from the time of surgery to several days post-surgery), ultrasound, circulation activation, radio-frequency and lymph drainage techniques, facilitate the movement of excess swelling and bruising thru the lymph system and away from the surgical site. In the sub-acute phase (a couple weeks to a couple months later) when the surgical sites are healed and sealed, scar work and light fascial work with passive range of motion softens the tissue. This allows normal movement of surrounding tissue and activates neuromuscular regeneration. Faster recovery and best clinical results are the main benefits of Post-operative Therapy for cosmetic surgery patients.

We are here to help you make your post-surgical experience the easiest and your recovery the fastest. Call us before your surgery and let’s plan your post-therapy!

All consultations are at no cost.

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