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Fibroblast Plasma
Skin Tightening

A revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to traditional surgery.

As we age, the dermal layer of our skin thins, we produce less collagen, and we lose elasticity. All of these factors produce sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is the newest cosmetic non-surgery procedure targeting a wide variety of skin conditions including sagging skin, loss of collagen and wrinkles that have been traditionally treated with fillers or plastic surgery.

It is the world’s most advanced, non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device used to treat wrinkles, and sagging, dull skin. This device is FDA approved, CE approved, used to perform fibroblast therapy, a cosmetic treatment that uses plasma, an ionized gas, to tighten skin non-surgically and stimulate production of collagen in the skin.

The plasma significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces, and regenerates practically any area of the skin. Our technicians are Fibroblast Plasma trained and certified.

Plasma Pen converts electrical energy into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen and transmits that energized gas in a non-contact way to the skin’s surface from above. This causes a micro-trauma to the skin’s epidermal layer (top layers) whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. This treatment is also known as fibroblasting. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in the body that produce collagen.

Fibroblasting produces excellent results for any area of the body, particularly the face and neck regions.

  • Accordion lines – the lines that form outside of the mouth when you smile
  • Acne scars – improvement in the appearance of post-acne marks and scars
  • Crow’s feet around eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Jowl / jawline tightening
  • Marionette lines – the creases or folds that run vertically from the corners of the mouth down to the chin
  • Nasal labial folds / smile lines – The folds that run from the sides of your nose down to the edge of your mouth
  • Necklines, turkey neck
  • Smoker’s lines – those vertical wrinkles also known as lipstick lines around the mouth
  • Stretch marks
  • Upper and lower eyelids – Bags and hoods
  • Tummy/belly button
  • Stretch marks
  • Creepey skin

Usually, Fibroblast treatments last approximately one hour. The treatment is virtually painless, requires no anesthesia, and there are no cuts or blood. While the treatment device itself never touches the skin, the plasma flash creates a tiny dot (carbon crusts) upon contact. These superficial dots, which form in a symmetrical grid over the treatment area, are part of the normal healing process and will fall off 5-7 days post-treatment. Patients can return to their normal activities right away with minimal discomfort.

Most patients see results instantly, which continue to improve over the course of the following 90 days. Results may last up to two years, but just like anything else that’s used to treat aging, the procedure can be re-done annually.

  • Pregnant
  • UV exposure
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Vitiligo
  • Pacemaker
  • Severe circulatory disease
  • Metal plates or pins
  • Severe cardiovascular conditions
  • Current or recent hemorrhage
  • Malignancy and chemotherapy in the past 3 years
  • Has taken Accutane in the past year
  • Skin types 5 and 6

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