Skin / Body

Intimate Whitening
or Bleaching

An easy solution to the dark color of all intimate areas.

It is an intimate and sensitive cosmetic procedure that offers a solution to the dark color of the vaginal, genital, anal, underarm, knees, elbows and other intimate areas. The dark color- if it does not exist by birth- may be due to frequent fabric rubbing, hard childbirths, hormonal changes or simply to our age. The Vaginal Lightening or Bleaching treatment may sound extreme but in reality it is a very simple, comfortable, super safe – 25 min – treatment that represents no danger or harm to the area or the client at all.

A maximum of 4 treatments are recommended, one every 2 to 3 weeks, for complete effectiveness, however, in several cases only 3 treatments were necessary.

You may schedule a complementary consultation and if you decide to start with your first session after consultation, you may do so without any problem.

Painless, easy, no downtime, long lasting results. Call today to schedule your visit!