No stress, no sweat.

If you are bothered by sweat, you are not alone. In fact, studies show over 37 million Americans are bothered by sweat and odor.

miraDry® is the only FDA-cleared treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat.


Don’t I need to sweat?
Of course! But not from your underarms. You’re born with approximately 2-4 million sweat glands throughout your body. Your underarms only contain about 2% of those glands. After your miraDry® treatment you will experience the many benefits of dry underarms, and you will continue to perspire normally elsewhere.

miraDry® is a simple treatment that can be completed in as little as one hour.

What goes on during the treatment is actually pretty simple. The miraDry® System uses thermal energy that targets and eliminates the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are eliminated, they do not grow back. Goodbye, sweat stains!

Local anesthesia is administered to assure maximum comfort during the treatment.

A temporary tattoo is used to mark skin in preparation for treatment.

The area is treated with miraDry®, eliminating sweat and odor glands in the underarm.

You can expect immediate and lasting results. Once the miraDry® treatment gets rid of the sweat, odor, and hair glands, they’re gone for good. Clinical studies show an average of 82% sweat reduction.

Most patients describe the procedure as painless with little to no downtime.

Local anesthesia is administered to the underarms prior to the treatment for patient comfort. Most patients return to regular activity like returning to work immediately. Exercise is typically resumed 5 days after procedure. You may experience swelling, numbness, bruising and sensitivity in the underarm area for several days post-treatment.

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